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Are you struggling to find the right formula to market your business? You may be feeling that there's a secret to success online and it's being kept from you.

Welcome to NDigital Marketing, my name is Steve Welsh and using my 30 years of business management experience, extensive digital marketing knowledge, my clients have increased sales by up to 280%.

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Get your business visible...

If you're finding it harder to attract more customers and your usual marketing is not working.

I can help you action creative digital marketing campaigns to get your business visible, providing the tools to generate value and market the right offer directly to customers.

Attract the right audience...

Successful businesses understand the monetary value of a customer and how to attract them to their website.

Getting the right audience to your website and converting them into sales is achieved through a series of touchpoints that resonate with your customers.

Building Solid Foundations & Creating The Campaigns That Your Business Needs Today...

I work with your business to develop your website, create a more intuitive experience for your customers and focus on exceptional service.

My approach is unique in the market combining web design with the right marketing message to create a purchase environment for customers who are looking for your solutions to their problems and issues.

Digital Marketing

5 Solid Digital Marketing Trends For Business Growth in 2017

We are halfway through 2016 and already the writing’s on the wall for the digital marketing trends that will dominate into 2017. When researching the focus of digital marketers/agencies and users so far this year. The data has shown that the following areas will continue to grow at a rapid rate.


Email Marketing

4 Strategies to Make Email and Social Play Nice

The decision to integrate email and social media strategies is a no-brainer. The true essence of digital marketing lies in the fact that it isn’t a standalone domain, function or platform. It’s more like the sum of different components that each has its rightful place in the overall plan of action.

Has SEO Replaced Real Content?

A recent comment from SEO guru Adam Torkildson is raising a few eyebrows with a comment that Google is effectively killing SEO as people know it now. He stated to a friend that Google is making the current SEO industry obsolete.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tips For Business

Now that everyone agrees that Content Marketing is the clearest way to drive traffic to your website, everybody is trying to get in on it. Coming up with a content marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges for a content marketer.


WordPress Websites

How to use colours to Increase Conversion Rate

The effectiveness of your website is largely dependent upon its conversion rate. If your website gains very little custom from your target audience then it is not as effective as it could be and it should be amended to make a stronger impact and increase the conversion rate.

Social Media
4 Facebook Split Tests to Boost Conversion

Every demographic and audience responds differently to a Facebook ad, which is why split tests are essential in your Facebook marketing. Some are quick to click because of a snappy headline while others are put off by too...


Using the latest proven marketing techniques, we will answer the "Why" so that when customers find your products or services they quickly understand the benefits of purchasing them.

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As well as having great sales and marketing knowledge, Steve has fine attention to detail and impressive bomb-proof processes.

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