Instagram for small businesses – A beginners guide

Instagram is highly under-estimated social platform for businesses. A visually stunning app, allowing users to capture, customise and share photos and more recently videos, Instagram is now an attractive marketing tool for many small businesses. Once viewed as a personal photo sharing platform, Instagram has proven itself to be a powerful platform for marketers allowing…

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Photo Sharing Which Site Is Best for Your Company?


Photo sharing sites have proliferated across the Internet as quickly as social media. Individual users have found many applications, but companies have as well. Marketing to customers using photos and videos has proved to be a beneficial strategy. Photo sharing websites have become a medium for business as well as individual use. Photo-sharing services are…

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How Useful are Vine and Cinemagram for Video Marketing?

Vine and Cinemagram

The fact that uploading and sharing videos has gotten easier is old news now. We all know that videos can not only be recorded, but can also be edited, uploaded and shared on most devices; as long as you have the right applications, or ‘apps’ to do all this, of course. Vine and Cinemagram are…

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HootSuite: A Social Networkers Best Friend


HootSuite makes managing a variety of social media accounts easy for PR professionals. Since its first version launched in November 2008. HootSuite has been the most popular social media management tool available, used by organizations such as Facebook, The Gap, Sony Music, and the New Jersey Devils hockey team. Perhaps most impressively, the Obama administration…

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Storefronts Vs. Online Retail: Which Is the Best Option for You?


Over the years, online shopping has become quite prevalent. There are many reasons why this is the case and the main reason is convenience. Think about it – if you need to buy something at your local store, you have to get dressed, get in your car, drive to the store, spend time in the…

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Top 5 Web design mistakes that are costing you money


Even though you may have spent a lot on your website, you should check from time to time whether it is yielding the desired results. A good website will entertain, entice and engage to lure more customers and result in sales. You should avoid the following web design mistakes if you wish to take your…

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Facebook Status Comment Then Book a Table For Dinner!


For many people around the world, checking your Facebook status has become part of daily life, as habitual as brushing one’s teeth or making a morning cup of coffee. Now, a dinner reservation website called OpenTable has capitalized on that reality by giving Facebook fanatics a way to decide what’s for dinner without having to…

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How Deceitful SEO Linking Practices Can Ruin Your Site


Subscribing to unethical SEO linking practices is one of the fastest ways which affects your SEO efforts. These SEO linking practices are also known as black hat SEO techniques. Google and other search engines are taking out the methods continuously to identify the culprit of these unethical methods. The major goal of search engine is…

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Consider This When Designing Your Website for Global Audiences


Designing your website when targeting international audiences can be a challenging task for website owners, designers and developers. Not only language barriers are there but there are some other barriers also. Here are some of the things which you must consider when building your strategy when designing your website for international audience. 1.  Language: Most…

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4 Clever Social Media Strategies feat. TJ Maxx and Marshalls


With the overwhelming amount of social media platforms being used by consumers today, it can be difficult for companies to stand out and really make an impact on their desired audience. More and more companies are using social media strategies to interact with their users on a whole new level – a personal one. Businesses…

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LinkedIn Marketing – Best Practices Like The Pros.


LinkedIn marketing: From a business person’s perspective, it seems like the perfect way to grow an online business. It’s a community of over 200 million active users who are looking for business connections. It couldn’t be more perfect, right? From a simple standpoint, that is right. It’s a great network to use as an online…

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The Advantages of Internet Marketing


If you are looking for ways to increase your business prospects and extend it across the globe, then you must opt for online marketing. Customers have become crazy for the use of the internet now a day’s. This craze is becoming an addiction for some of them. Due to the rapid increase in the use…

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5 Reasons Why Animation Can Help Social Media Campaigns Grow

Animation in Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing has a positive impact on user engagement and brand awareness. More and more businesses are investing into social media marketers, or ‘community managers’ to engage with their existing and potential customers. By simply raising topics for discussion, social media marketers are getting more and more people engaged with their wares. Moreover, in…

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SEO Ideas and Tips – Need More Visitors To Your Site?


Here are some great SEO ideas and tips: SEO is a wonderful way to surpass your rivals’ websites. For the best results, you should know all the tricks behind search engine optimisation. In the article below, you will find the most powerful strategies to get your website noticed, and also what strategies to avoid. You…

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Small Business Rehab: 4 Ways Small Businesses Abuse Social Media

Social Media Fail

Creating and maintaining an online presence takes work. It’s not enough anymore for small businesses to have a Twitter account and a Facebook page—customer and audience engagement are at the heart of any successful social media campaign. But not every small business has learned how to harness the power of online audiences. Some business owners…

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