WordPress Theme Frameworks For Your Blog


WordPress is an open source platform which is use to create an awesome blog or website. There are two ways to create a WordPress Site. Some designers begin with HTML template then add the code of WordPress to it. Other begins with basic WordPress code and design after that. But one of the most efficient…

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WordPress Plugins That Will Help Your Blog Speed


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform used today. While it’s as easy as install and go, there are some ways to improve your basic WordPress blog. There are wordpress plugins available for almost every purpose you can think of related to blogging, including loading speed. Why is loading speed important? A site that loads…

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What Kind of Services Do Social Media Marketing Agencies Offer?

social media marketing agencies

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to get their message out to highly targeted audiences that will take interest in their services and products. With the advancements we’ve seen in technology over the past few years, certain forms of advertisement have sprouted up and taken the business realm by storm. One of the most…

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How To Improve SEO Performance With A Minimum Of Fuss


SEO Performance, how to improve it with a minimum of fuss You will gain optimal advantages in running your business if you use some of the following seo performance methods for search engine optimisation. By utilising search engine optimisation techniques properly, search engines, such as Google, will rank your site higher on the page of…

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Avoid Being Anti-Social with Your Social Media Marketing


In your social media marketing there is ‘good practice’ and ‘bad practice’ is perhaps something that may at first escape your thoughts when you first engage in social media. Just as you can offend and annoy your friends, there is language and practices that are not just ineffective but offensive.

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Facebook Marketing What Expectations Should I Have?


1. Facebook Marketing Realistic Expectations Whilst many social media ‘experts’ and those in the mainstream media would have you believe that it’s possible for everyone to achieve dramatic successes with Facebook Marketing overnight with a Facebook share or a twitter post, they are lying.

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Search Engine Optimisation Tips, Improve Your Website.

SEO Tips

Improve Your Website With These Search Engine Optimisation Tips. You can market your site through paid ads and articles, but these will only get you so far.

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Good SEO Content – Improve Your Bottom Line With Good Content

Improve Your Bottom Line With Good SEO Content

Improve Your Bottom Line With Good SEO Content There are a lot of rivals you will meet online; good SEO content is essential to web business owners. Search engines are great tools that help users find the things or information that they need. Follow the tactical advice below, and watch the traffic to your site…

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10 ½ Tips to Boost Twitter Engagement – Part Two

Boost Twitter Engagement

In our previous post, we discussed the first 5 tips on 10.5 tips to boost twitter engagement. This is a follow on post, I hope you were able to benefit from the previous post’s tips and can carry on and

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Twitter Engagement 10 ½ Tips to Boost Your Success – Part One


How to boost your Twitter engagement. Twitter engagement is a fundamental requirement on the social media platform. Today we will be discussing several ways how to boost that engagement and start controlling what you do on Twitter.

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5 Ways To Maximise Your Facebook Engagement


Here are 5 easy ways to improve your facebook engagement 1. Post frequently. Posting 5 or more times a week versus once a week dramatically increases your Facebook engagement with your fans. Your followers are following you for a reason — they are interested in what you have to say. So keep them updated, and…

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Facebook Advertising Tips 14 Areas To Help You Convert


Facebook advertising tips that convert prospects into clients. This week I am looking at Facebook Advertising tips, and how we can use best practice to convert that advertising spend into ROI.

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Amazon Starbucks Google Immorally Starve Our Country


I was astonished to read the news recently about Amazon Starbucks Google who generate a vast amount of revenue and profits, pay on average 2.5% tax on their profits in the UK when our UK companies pay up to 27%.

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Social Media Strategy B2B – Brand Building

Social Media Strategy B2B

At the beginning when businesses and brands were given permission to market users on social media platforms. There was a rush to market & sell in a traditional broadcasting way. Brands soon realised this was not a sustainable strategy, this caused a shift in thinking which soon changed to brand awareness and brand positioning.

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SEO Tip To Get You Started on World Domination – Part 2


Enjoy More Control Over Your Rankings With These SEO Tips. Seo tip: If you do careful research, you can discover the strategies and tools that perform best for improving search engine rankings. Read on to discover some very useful information on kicking your SEO into high gear.

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