Worried by your lack of sales & business growth?

I help you to build, grow and scale your business with marketing opportunities that attract and engage new customers.

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Digital Marketing And Business Growth Consultant

As a digital marketing specialist I help businesses to develop their presence online, identify marketing opportunities and attract new customers.

Carrying out research, strategy and planning and implementing the areas that need action to move your business forward.

Maybe you need support on how to marketing your business? I can guide you through the process of what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

Getting More Traffic To Your Website

By delivering well written content that answers problems we can build trust and keep customers coming back to your website. Combining this with the right offers that resonate with your customers and clear calls to action to increase sales.

Getting More Sales From Your Marketing

By following the latest marketing trends that are working today, using the right message and harnessing the power of social media, content marketing and website design. We can achieve the best environment for customers to buy from you.

Your In-House Marketing Manager

Working closely with business owners, directors, managers and marketing departments.

Using thirty years of business management experience and ten years as a digital marketing strategist, I have more than doubled clients sales in the first year.

Are you spinning plates every day - and your business has stopped growing?

The most powerful thing to grow your business today is to consistently engage with an audience that needs what you sell.

I work with businesses that are great at what they do, but they don't have time to market their company effectively.

Steve's immensely supportive, in fact a great business associate.

As well as having great sales and marketing knowledge, Steve has a fine attention to detail and impressive bomb-proof processes. He is charming and helpful by nature and immensely supportive, in fact, a great business associate.

90% of the marketing that many business owners or managers spend their time on has little or no return on their investment... and maybe they're too busy to notice.

Tired of trying to do all of your marketing on your own and need some help?

Let Me Change That!

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Digital Marketing Support & Expertise

Are you trying to balance running your business with marketing your business?

With the right digital marketing support, strategy and action you can generate a positive purchase journey for your customers.

Maybe you're struggling to make sense of all the marketing information you find?

With dependable marketing support to move your business to the next level. You can transform your business, attract more customers and keep them for repeat purchases.

Transform Your Sales With The Right Marketing Strategy And Development

You may already know that marketing is consistently evolving through new technology, and keeping up with the vast amount of information is difficult for most businesses.

Learning about your customers is a crucial part of developing a marketing plan. From identifying your ideal client, to where they are and how to attract and engage with them.

Steve’s great to work with, always has his finger on the pulse.

A specialist who cares about the value he brings to your business. Steve’s great to work with always has his finger on the pulse and always ready to recommend the next move with your marketing online.

Marketing processes can only succeed when the customer is placed at the centre of everything you do.

Today your customers are more likely to research the product, service and solution they need. They will look on the internet, search on social media and visit your website.

Let's Create Your Sequence of Touch Points

These are all touch points that gain traction toward their purchase decision. Every break point in your branding, message and transparency online causes a friction that slows them down.

The more friction you cause the more likely they are to look for an alternative solution.

My digital marketing support is designed to help you navigate the best way to reach and keep customers.

Using a combination of your website, social media, content marketing, email marketing and paid advertising we can generate the right touch points to build the trust for customers to buy from you.

Don't get overwhelmed I will guide you through it

Ok let's stop and take a breath for a minute! The information on this site may feel overwhelming to you at this stage. You may be thinking "I need to run a business you know", and that's the point!

My digital marketing support is designed to take the stress and overwhelm away, carry out the time demanding detailed research, and develop a plan that fits with your goals.

We can then decide on the deadlines for implementing your marketing inline with what you can deliver.

  • We will get you found in search
  • Deliver great customer experiences
  • Build trust online
  • Capture data to continue communication with customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Engage with customers
  • Target specific audiences
  • Measure everything to ensure the best ROI
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