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My Journey Through Business Management, ownership And Digital Marketing success.

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Steve Welsh Digital Marketing Services With Blue Jacket

Hi, I'm glad you made it here...

Do you want to use the internet to help grow your business?

I have been working exclusively online for over 7 years. Learning, testing and implementing digital marketing techniques to provide the best support for my clients and improve their knowledge and understanding.

I love what I do and feel blessed that every day I work in an area that I can make a difference.

If you really understand your customers today, you will know we have gone past the old B2B and B2C landscape and business has evolved into H2H (human to human) marketing through the principle's of know, like and trust.

After all it doesn't matter whether you are providing solutions to businesses or retail customers, the end result is you are dealing with a real person.

ABOUT STEVE WELSH - bormio skiing
ABOUT STEVE WELSH - in the office

Testing and using the latest digital marketing techniques has enabled my clients to increase sales.  Sharing my unique insight into the relationship between offline and online marketing.

This in turn has given my clients the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to increase lead generation and customer service levels through a systematic and detailed approach.

Before creating a successful start-up commercial print and design company and winning six awards for customer service (Minuteman International New York), I spent 24 years in the motor industry.

This included leading seven multi million pound businesses in customer acquisition. I have been using social media, digital marketing and website design in my businesses since 2002. My success has come from a real understanding of the psychology of marketing and sales. How they play an integral role in customer perception and how this relates to customer satisfaction.


Born in Scotland’s capital city and growing up in The Highlands, I am no stranger to a kilt and bagpipes (thankfully no images are available).

My professional journey began when I moved to London through my sport at the tender age of 16. Having put himself through further education for 7 years, whilst working full time in engineering and training every day.

Today I educate businesses, create solid measurable foundations for my clients and connect all the disciplines necessary in a ‘technology-driven’ world.

I have a driven focus for what your business can achieve if you use the right tools to nurture relationships.

I also have a love of cycling, music and playing guitar. If not outdoors, I am usually spending time with my family, and quietly sneaking off to watch “The Big Bang Theory”. As with most self-confessed sci-fi geeks, I am also a qualified engineer and have a love of finding out how things work; nothing is safe from being stripped down and rebuilt. My satisfaction in life is to share value and knowledge, guiding businesses on an inspirational journey to success.

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