5 Solid Digital Marketing Trends For Business Growth in 2017


The writing’s on the wall for the digital marketing trends that will dominate into 2017. When researching the focus of digital marketers and agencies and users so far this year. The data has shown that the following areas will continue to grow at a rapid rate. video consumption snapchat marketing automation content marketing and mobile…

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Digital Marketing Tips – 5 things to remember when marketing to an international audience


Branching out and marketing your product or service to an international audience beyond the one you’re familiar with is exciting and nerve-wracking. If you want to reach out to an international audience, you’ll doubtless be searching for a marketing checklist to avoid any pitfalls. Good news – you’ve found one. In this post, I’ve got…

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4 Strategies to Make Email and Social Play Nice


The decision to integrate email and social media strategies is a no-brainer. The true essence of digital marketing lies in the fact that it isn’t a standalone domain, function or platform. It’s more like the sum of different components that each has its rightful place in the overall plan of action. Social and email have…

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Lessons On How to Become A Social Media Marketer


Being a social media marketer seems like the ideal job to anybody with only a rudimentary idea of how the industry works. The line usually goes something like “You get paid to be on Facebook all day?!”, which to anybody who does know the social media marketing industry is similar to asking someone in the airforce…

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4 Facebook Split Tests to Boost Conversion


Every demographic and audience responds differently to a Facebook ad, which is why split tests are essential in your Facebook marketing. Some are quick to click because of a snappy headline while others are put off by too many images that make the ad look busy. Your business market to more than one demographic, and…

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How to use colours to Increase Conversion Rate


The effectiveness of your website is largely dependent upon its conversion rate. If your website gains very little custom from your target audience then it is not as effective as it could be and it should be amended to make a stronger impact and increase the conversion rate. Good websites have a high conversion rate,…

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8 Tips from the Pros to Improve Social Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Conversion

If you’re working on making your social landing page conversions better, congratulations! You’re among the rising number of business owners who understands that social visitors need their own landing pages. Social visitors are coming to your landing pages from the top of the funnel. They are just beginning their buying journey and they require landing…

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Facebook Marketing – Organic vs Paid Reach? – Find Your Answers Here


The first image that comes to mind at the mere mention of the words “social media” is that of a Facebook page. It’s not just me. With nearly a billion regular users and over 1.4 billion registered subscribers, Facebook is bigger than LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr combined. With that kind of clout, it’s…

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5 Productivity Secrets to Online Marketing Like a Pro

Online Marketing Productivity

Online marketing, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimisation are all incredibly important in ensuring the success of your website.  Online marketing can do wonders for your business, social media and SEO can drive tons of traffic to your website, and if you website is optimised for conversion you can make a ton of sales.…

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How to Advertise and Promote Your App


Advertising is an ever changing landscape. We have gone from single sheet billboards being the only form of mass marketing, to a huge plethora of options. Having such a vast marketing machine at your disposal for any product can be great, but it can be equally as daunting a prospect. How can you hope to…

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“I Don’t Have The Time” Means It’s not a Priority In Your Business


Starting and running a business is tough, let’s get that elephant in the room out of way immediately. I have made this journey several times through my career, sometimes for others and sometimes for myself. It doesn’t get much easier as your business matures either, due to the constant pressure to improve your products or…

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Mobile Marketing – Taking On The Trusty Desktop

Mobile Marketing

If you own a smart phone, the chances are you have been targeted in one way or another by mobile marketing adverts. These have been, for the most part, specifically aimed at you due to your Google searches or information you have given about your interests on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. What…

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Content Marketing tips for “Boring” Industries


Now that everyone agrees that Content Marketing is the clearest way to drive traffic to your website, everybody is trying to get in on it. Coming up with a content marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges for a content marketer. For a company like GoPro, it’s pretty…

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5 Steps for Reigniting Your Sales During the Seasonal Downtrend


Seasonal slowdowns affect nearly all businesses sales; some more than others. One strategy for offsetting this downtrend has been to cut operational costs. Twenty or so years ago, it was typical to see manufacturing plants shut down for a week or two during the summer, for example. Those who follow recent business trends would recoil…

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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore


“Digital Marketing” I am sure we have heard this term a number of times in the course of different activities. The other day I with my friend had been to a seminar on the topic, on reaching the spot we found a teenager addressing the crowd, such is the popularity of this term today. I…

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