The Eight Digital Marketing Elements In Your Business – Part Two

Eight Digital Marketing Elements In Your Business

In this post, we will cover the second part of the eight digital marketing elements you should use in your business. In my last post: The eight elements of digital marketing – part one. We covered the first four foundation elements of successful digital marketing for businesses today: Planning and strategy Keyword research Search engine…

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The 8 Elements of Successful Digital Marketing – Part One


In this post, we will start to identify the eight elements of successful digital marketing and the benefits of using them in your business. First of all, let me say that I have tested all of the areas with my clients, and in my own business. I’m sure you have seen the million+ “gurus” spouting…

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5 Solid Digital Marketing Trends For Business Growth in 2017


The writing’s on the wall for the digital marketing trends that will dominate into 2017. When researching the focus of digital marketers and agencies and users so far this year. The data has shown that the following areas will continue to grow at a rapid rate. video consumption snapchat marketing automation content marketing and mobile…

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8 Tips from the Pros to Improve Social Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Conversion

If you’re working on making your social landing page conversions better, congratulations! You’re among the rising number of business owners who understands that social visitors need their own landing pages. Social visitors are coming to your landing pages from the top of the funnel. They are just beginning their buying journey and they require landing…

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How to Advertise and Promote Your App


Advertising is an ever changing landscape. We have gone from single sheet billboards being the only form of mass marketing, to a huge plethora of options. Having such a vast marketing machine at your disposal for any product can be great, but it can be equally as daunting a prospect. How can you hope to…

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Mobile Marketing – Taking On The Trusty Desktop

Mobile Marketing

If you own a smart phone, the chances are you have been targeted in one way or another by mobile marketing adverts. These have been, for the most part, specifically aimed at you due to your Google searches or information you have given about your interests on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. What…

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5 Steps for Reigniting Your Sales During the Seasonal Downtrend


Seasonal slowdowns affect nearly all businesses sales; some more than others. One strategy for offsetting this downtrend has been to cut operational costs. Twenty or so years ago, it was typical to see manufacturing plants shut down for a week or two during the summer, for example. Those who follow recent business trends would recoil…

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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2014.


“Digital Marketing” I am sure we have heard this term a number of times in the course of different activities. The other day I with my friend had been to a seminar on the topic, on reaching the spot we found a teenager addressing the crowd, such is the popularity of this term today. I…

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How Useful are Vine and Cinemagram for Video Marketing?

Vine and Cinemagram

The fact that uploading and sharing videos has gotten easier is old news now. We all know that videos can not only be recorded, but can also be edited, uploaded and shared on most devices; as long as you have the right applications, or ‘apps’ to do all this, of course. Vine and Cinemagram are…

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Storefronts Vs. Online Retail: Which Is the Best Option for You?


Over the years, online shopping has become quite prevalent. There are many reasons why this is the case and the main reason is convenience. Think about it – if you need to buy something at your local store, you have to get dressed, get in your car, drive to the store, spend time in the…

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