10 Myths Busted About Email Marketing And Autoresponders


Let’s start off with me saying “I’m a fan of email autoresponders”. Why am I a fan? Because they work! There are many myths about email marketing and specifically email autoresponders. Most of them come from people who haven’t spent enough time getting to grips with how it will work for their business #tryharder. Email…

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Marketing By Email And Getting Closer To Your Customers


In this post, I want to run through “marketing by email to get closer to your customers and prospects.” The purpose of writing this is to give you a clear idea of the things you need to implement to have success. We will run through the benefits of an email marketing strategy. And some of…

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4 Strategies to Make Email and Social Play Nice


The decision to integrate email and social media strategies is a no-brainer. The true essence of digital marketing lies in the fact that it isn’t a standalone domain, function or platform. It’s more like the sum of different components that each has its rightful place in the overall plan of action. Social and email have…

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The truth about Email Marketing – The Right Approach to Attract New Prospects and Build Relationship With Your Customers.


Email marketing has been around for many years now and most businesses have tried it at some point. The problem is if you are doing it wrong it can be more damaging than not doing it at all! If you ask online marketers to rank tactics by efficiency in marketing process, returns on investment (ROI) or any…

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