Facebook Live Is It Worth The Effort For Your Business?


Facebook live could be the new tool for marketing your business. What follows is how you can use it to increase sales and retain customers. Let’s get the elephant in the room out straight away; Facebook are a business, and as such look to increase their revenue every year. Their tried and tested system is…

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Lessons On How to Become A Social Media Marketer


Being a social media marketer seems like the ideal job to anybody with only a rudimentary idea of how the industry works. The line usually goes something like “You get paid to be on Facebook all day?!”, which to anybody who does know the social media marketing industry is similar to asking someone in the airforce…

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Small Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Everything


Social Media Mistakes Small social media mistakes and day to day accidents happen in life, and at work, often amount to nothing. A misspelling here, a spilt cup of coffee there, no big deal. You may think of social media in the same way. Being a primarily informal arena, who cares if you make a…

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4 Facebook Split Tests to Boost Conversion


Every demographic and audience responds differently to a Facebook ad, which is why split tests are essential in your Facebook marketing. Some are quick to click because of a snappy headline while others are put off by too many images that make the ad look busy. Your business market to more than one demographic, and…

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Facebook Marketing – Organic vs Paid Reach? – Find Your Answers Here


The first image that comes to mind at the mere mention of the words “social media” is that of a Facebook page. It’s not just me. With nearly a billion regular users and over 1.4 billion registered subscribers, Facebook is bigger than LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr combined. With that kind of clout, it’s…

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How Social Media Marketing Can Change Your Company’s Fortunes


Social Media Marketing is a fast-paced business, and in today’s ever-changing world, companies must satisfy consumers who need instant gratification.  One of the best means of pleasing demanding customers, social media marketing, provides a plethora of rewards for businesses of all sizes.  If you’re curious about social media marketing, consider the following benefits of including…

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3 Simple Steps to Evaluate Your Social Media Efforts


The present state of measurement and analytics on evaluating your social media efforts has contributed to the wishy-washy image that some CXOs have about marketers in general. The chart below shows that almost 76% of executives felt marketers did NOT have a grip on how social media affects business realities. Source: Data Driven Marketing Survey…

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9 Powerful Tips for Selling Digital Products on Pinterest


Over the last few years, Pinterest has quickly grown into a unique social network with its own dedicated audience. With over 70 million registered users, out of which a staggering 80% are women, it offers a huge opportunity for businesses to get closer to their target audience and increase their product sales.  However, success on…

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Twitter Marketing Why Facebook Should Make Way


Twitter marketing is gaining ground, whilst digital marketing professionals across the globe may be leaning towards a whole ensemble of social media platforms, when it comes to achieving the sheer numbers and achieving them with sound consistency, Twitter comes out as the heady choice. Now, it goes without saying that social media has added multiple dimensions…

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How to Use Sponsored Posts Responsibly in Social Media Marketing


Sponsored Posts and your responsibility as a marketer. Considering the enormous popularity of social media, marketing professionals knew it was only a matter of time before platforms found new ways to monetize. This thought has come to fruition in the form of sponsored posts. Popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer organizations…

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How to Prepare for Social Media Day 2014

social media day 2014

Social Media Day 2014 is June 30, so that means you still have time to plan ways to celebrate it via your website or social media profiles. Keep reading to get some ideas that could spark your creativity and help you get noticed not just in your community, but also across the world. Post Content…

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WhatsApp, Why You Should Take It Seriously In Your Business


WhatsApp made headlines in February when Facebook shelled out $16 billion to purchase the company, a mobile messaging service that recently acquired its 500 millionth user. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that he was delighted WhatsApp chose to partner with his company, since both were so dedicated to keeping people across the world…

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Direct Twitter Message Failing? Here’s Why!


Are using the auto ‘direct Twitter message’ (DM) tool on Twitter? think again. It’s no secret that Twitter is a beneficial marketing tool for businesses big and small. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter allows you to connect with people outside your already developed network. You can build relationships with consumers you’ve never met, across the…

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5 Things You Can Do With Vine and Instagram Videos


So many social video platforms, so few ideas for using them. Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. How does the average chain restaurant CEO or sports equipment store owner use social videos to their benefit? What kind of videos should be used for which social media platform? Can Vine and Instagram videos even do your business…

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Competitors Social Media Strategy, 10 Things You Need To Know About

competitors social media strategy

If you run a business, online store or service, you will have competition – period.  There are many strategies business owners and marketing departments use in order to catch up, keep up with or surpass their competitors social media strategy, and social media analysis is becoming more and more imperative as one of these measures. …

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