Facebook Live Is It Worth The Effort For Your Business?


Facebook live could be the new tool for marketing your business. What follows is how you can use it to increase sales and retain customers. Let’s get the elephant in the room out straight away; Facebook are a business, and as such look to increase their revenue every year. Their tried and tested system is…

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4 Facebook Split Tests to Boost Conversion


Every demographic and audience responds differently to a Facebook ad, which is why split tests are essential in your Facebook marketing. Some are quick to click because of a snappy headline while others are put off by too many images that make the ad look busy. Your business market to more than one demographic, and…

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Facebook Marketing – Organic vs Paid Reach? – Find Your Answers Here


The first image that comes to mind at the mere mention of the words “social media” is that of a Facebook page. It’s not just me. With nearly a billion regular users and over 1.4 billion registered subscribers, Facebook is bigger than LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr combined. With that kind of clout, it’s…

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WhatsApp, Why You Should Take It Seriously In Your Business


WhatsApp made headlines in February when Facebook shelled out $16 billion to purchase the company, a mobile messaging service that recently acquired its 500 millionth user. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that he was delighted WhatsApp chose to partner with his company, since both were so dedicated to keeping people across the world…

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Facebook Promotions Can Hold The Key To Your Online Branding


Facebook promotions are an effective way to brand your business online, and it plays an essential part of online marketing for successful businesses today. With around 1.2 billion monthly active users, 728 million daily users, and 507 daily mobile users. Facebook provides a huge captive audience that merchants need to reach. And with these numbers…

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6 Key Reasons Why You Should Like Pages on Facebook


People who Like Pages on Facebook for strictly social purposes tend to typically Like, share and comment at far greater rates than marketers. But why is there such a reluctance amongst marketers to use social media in the same fashion? Part of the reason is that marketers don’t want to be seen as unprofessional. When they…

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3 Ways To Market On Facebook Without an Ad Budget

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has the largest audience out there so it’s understandable that businesses may believe that investing in Facebook ads is worthwhile, however it’s actually been proven that Facebook has less business value than other digital marketing sites. Forrester Blogs states that Facebook creates less business value than than any other digital marketing opportunity which raises…

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Facebook Status Comment Then Book a Table For Dinner!


For many people around the world, checking your Facebook status has become part of daily life, as habitual as brushing one’s teeth or making a morning cup of coffee. Now, a dinner reservation website called OpenTable has capitalized on that reality by giving Facebook fanatics a way to decide what’s for dinner without having to…

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Facebook Marketing What Expectations Should I Have?


1. Facebook Marketing Realistic Expectations Whilst many social media ‘experts’ and those in the mainstream media would have you believe that it’s possible for everyone to achieve dramatic successes with Facebook Marketing overnight with a Facebook share or a twitter post, they are lying.

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5 Ways To Maximise Your Facebook Engagement


Here are 5 easy ways to improve your facebook engagement 1. Post frequently. Posting 5 or more times a week versus once a week dramatically increases your Facebook engagement with your fans. Your followers are following you for a reason — they are interested in what you have to say. So keep them updated, and…

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Facebook Advertising Tips 14 Areas To Help You Convert


Facebook advertising tips that convert prospects into clients. This week I am looking at Facebook Advertising tips, and how we can use best practice to convert that advertising spend into ROI.

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5 Facebook Changes in June 2012 including Sponsored Results


I wrote a post at the beginning of June about Facebook changes and specifically Timeline changes. So I thought it was time for an update, the list below will help you keep up to date with Facebook changes.

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Three Changes To The Facebook Timeline this week


Facebook Timeline for businesses has been in a constant state of flux. How can we ever keep up with the Facebook Timeline changes! You have to have so many tools to keep an eye out for changes on Facebook these days. Some changes are announced with gusto and spread like wildfire through on line media.

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Getting Traffic From Facebook – Part Two


Getting Traffic From Facebook From A Guru Welcome back to part 2 of getting traffic from Facebook. As you will be aware from part one, Facebook timeline for businesses is here to stay.

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Getting Traffic From Facebook – Part One


Getting traffic from Facebook is becoming a marketers dream. Advertising and getting traffic from Facebook is somewhat like advertising on Google PPC. The difference is that currently Facebook advertising through adverts and sponsored stories is more targeted for less cost.

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