How to use colours to Increase Conversion Rate


The effectiveness of your website is largely dependent upon its conversion rate. If your website gains very little custom from your target audience then it is not as effective as it could be and it should be amended to make a stronger impact and increase the conversion rate. Good websites have a high conversion rate,…

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8 Tips from the Pros to Improve Social Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Conversion

If you’re working on making your social landing page conversions better, congratulations! You’re among the rising number of business owners who understands that social visitors need their own landing pages. Social visitors are coming to your landing pages from the top of the funnel. They are just beginning their buying journey and they require landing…

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Which Blogging Platforms Are Right For You And Your Business?


If you want to start a blog, whether for personal or business reasons, the first thing to ask yourself is, “which blogging platforms can I use to get my voice out there?” The truth is, in this day and age, there are various potential blogging platforms (with little-to-no differences), making it tough and often negligible…

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Has SEO Replaced Real Content? Here’s The Expert Opinion


A recent comment from SEO guru Adam Torkildson is raising a few eyebrows with a comment that Google is effectively killing SEO as people know it now. He stated to a friend that Google is making the current SEO industry obsolete. External and Internal SEO There are two types of search engine optimization. Internal SEO…

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Responsive Web Design vs Mobile Sites The Best Solution


Responsive web design is a major topic all over the world, and will continue to be developed in 2014 for super fast mobile experiences. This website is responsive, and I chose this route when redesigning my website. I had originally had a static website that required a mobile designed site as well, lets call it…

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Top 5 Web design mistakes that are costing you money


Even though you may have spent a lot on your website, you should check from time to time whether it is yielding the desired results. A good website will entertain, entice and engage to lure more customers and result in sales. You should avoid the following web design mistakes if you wish to take your…

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