Now that everyone agrees that Content Marketing is the clearest way to drive traffic to your website, everybody is trying to get in on it. Coming up with a content marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges for a content marketer.

For a company like GoPro, it’s pretty easy to see how a content strategy will look. GoPro sells video cameras, specifically, lightweight, portable, water- and shockproof cameras for extreme activities. Athletes, explorers, and daredevils of all types love them. So it makes sense that their content marketing strategy involves showing videos of people skydiving, jumping off of cliffs, testing flying machines, and diving to the bottom of the ocean. GoPros have been all over the planet, from Mount Everest to Death Valley. Their youtube channel shows all of this stuff.

It’s a compelling case. But that’s just the catch: the product itself is compelling. It’s exciting to watch people do exciting things. Most products aren’t nearly so instantly interesting and compelling. Take a moment to let the envy wash over you.

There. Now that that’s passed, what can we do about it? What can a content marketer do, when faced with a less-than-thrilling product? Don’t worry: it’s not impossible. It might not even be that difficult. Read on to find out how to create an engaging and compelling content marketing strategy, even if you aren’t selling GoPros.

Find the questions for your content marketing

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Content marketing is all about showing up in search results, so the first step to crafting the right content strategy is to think about what people are looking for when they find your product. This content might be a real, concrete one with a clear solution (“I am need to get from place A to place B.”), or it might be an abstract, philosophical one: (“I need to stand out from the crowd.”). Either way, every product is the solution to a problem: the answer to a question.

So examine yourself. Why are people using your product? Who uses your product? What problem are people trying to solve when they buy your product? What questions does your product answer? Once you have the answers to the questions your customers are asking, you’re ready to start creating content.

Answer the questions with content marketing

Once you know what kinds of questions your customers are asking, answer them! If you’re creating content marketing for a pest extermination service—not the most glamorous of industries—there are still tons of ways to create content around the question “what do I do about all of these ants?”

The goal is to appear as an expert and to build association between your brand and the solution to the problem by consistently creating interesting and sharable content. This can take many forms across the many different social media channels.

Infographics: sharable, informative, interesting, and fun to look at, infographics make anything better. Dig up some interesting statistics about your industry that relate to the questions people ask, then add a designer, and you’ve got an easily-sharable, engaging, and relevant graphic ripe for distribution on social media.

Listicles: Despite the silly name, these mini-articles have become a staple of modern content marketing. Popularized by Buzzfeed, you can use listicles to share punchy sentences or interesting pictures, or better yet, both! You can make them silly (23 Grossest Pests), or pack them full of useful information (10 Best Ways to Prevent Infestations). Better yet? Do both!

Articles: Keyword-dense and SEO ambrosia, articles and blog posts are the backbone of any sophisticated content marketing plan. How-to articles and slideshows are great, as are informative pieces about recent news and developments in the industry. If there are other blogs about your industry, you can also solicit content from them in the form of guest posts. These work double time for SEO since they can include links between that blog and your own, strengthening relevance for both parties.

Boring content marketing? What’s that?

Once you abandon your pretenses and focus on solving problems and answering questions, content marketing becomes straightforward and indeed, fun. Even industries thought of as “boring” can be the subject of fun and interesting content marketing. Solve a problem, answer a question, learn about your industry, and build your community with a lively, interesting content marketing campaign.

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Nick Rojas
Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is a content marketing guru and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on Twitter @NickARojasr