The best marketing strategy is focused on attracting new customers to your business.

Without a clear marketing strategy and action plan you're business may never get found.

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Creating Your Businesses Marketing Strategy

Have you tried marketing your business before but workload overwhelm stops you?

Do you know what you want to achieve from your marketing but struggle to plan it?

A detailed and focused marketing strategy and action plan is the difference between a great business and those that are just getting by.


A Marketing Plan For The Best Kept Secret

How many times have you heard the phrase "the best-kept secret"?

If you have heard it about your business, what it really means is that you are doing a great job, but it's difficult to find you and therefore difficult to buy from you!

A marketing plan starts with researching your industry, your business, your competitors, your clients, your website, and identifying the exact words and phrases that your customers are searching online.

I cannot recommend his services enough!

With Steve’s complete understanding of our companies needs, he has enabled us to develop a clear and precise marketing strategy across all forms of social media and guide us through every step of the way! I cannot recommend his services enough!

Creating A Sequence of Touch Points

With technology your customers are more likely to research for your product, service and solution using the phone in their pocket. They will search for a solution on the internet, search on social media and visit relevant websites.

These are all touch points that gain traction toward their purchase decision. Every breakpoint in your branding, message and transparency online causes friction that slows them down.

The more friction you cause, the more likely they are to look for an alternative solution.

As a digital marketing consultant my support is designed to create intuitive touch points that lead customers to your website and build "know, like and trust" on their journey.

Getting Zero Enquiries From Your Website?

Even if you have a pretty shiny website, if it doesn't get found, doesn't have enough visitors and doesn't generate enquiries, it has no financial benefit. Getting leads from your companies website without a strategy can be like pushing water uphill for many businesses.

Are You Creating The Right Message?

Whether you have been managing your business for years or just starting today, the same fundamentals apply. Ticking the luck box only happens when you have built the right foundations required for customers to know, like and trust your company.

Your Step By Step plan For Business Growth

So that you can understand your customers more, we start with some in-depth research and design a plan of action to get your business found.

Having identified your strengths and weaknesses online, putting it all together in an easy to understand report and marketing plan. We will take action to drive the right kind of visitors to your website.



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