A Clear Marketing Strategy And Action Plan For Your Business Growth

Your marketing strategy starts with researching your industry, your business, your competitors, your clients, your website, and carrying out the keyword research to identify the exact words and phrases that your customers are searching for.

I will identify your strengths and weaknesses online, putting it all together in an easy to understand report and marketing plan to drive the right kind of visitors to your website.

When this is complete, you can choose to take action yourself, hire me to implement it for you or send it to your marketing team.

Got a shiny website that get's zero enquiries?

Even if you have a shiny pretty website, if it doesn't have visitors and generate enquiries for your business it has no financial benefit. Getting enquiries from your website can be like pushing water uphill for many businesses.

Did someone tell you marketing is easy?

Whether you have been marketing for 30 years or just starting marketing your business today, the same fundamentals apply. Ticking the luck box only happens when you have built the correct foundations required for users to know, like and trust your company.

"A marketing strategy that will send the right customers to your website, delivering the information they are searching for."

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So that you can understand your business more, and bring clarity to your marketing. We start with some in depth research of the following areas and design a plan of action to get your business found.

  • Industry

    Investigating and gathering all the important information about your industry online.

  • Business

    Researching your businesses online, providing a global snapshot, including traffic rank for keywords.

  • Keywords

    keyword research project, identifying the 25 phrases you should use in your content marketing immediately.

  • Website

    Interrogating your website for speed, search engine optimisation, keywords, links and relevance.

  • Competitors

    Deep mining of relevant information on your main competitors, from organic searches.

  • Plan

    Creating your marketing plan to increase traffic, capture data and market your customers.

Chris Powell

A very comprehensive analysis of my web site…literally no stone was left unturned and all in the name of making sure my website performs: delivers those all important leads. I would absolutely recommend Steve’s work.

Chris Powell The Event Expert

The benefits for your business

  • The project report will give you a clear picture of how well your business is represented online today.
  • I will identify what needs to be implemented to improve your website and social media presence.
  • You will get a step by step plan you can immediately take action on.
  • Got a question. you will get a full month of unlimited email support.
  • You will get the right keywords and phrases to use on your website content and social media.
  • You will understand what your competitors do well and what to do about it.

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