Have you tried using Facebook paid advertising and it hasn't generated sales?

Then with respect, you're doing it wrong.

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Steve Welsh Facebook Paid Advertising Services With Blue Jacket

Focused Facebook Paid Advertising

Are you afraid to spend money on Facebook advertising because of all the bad stories you have heard? Do you spend hours creating ads that don't work?

Facebook Paid advertising can cost you dearly

Are you spending your budget on Facebook paid advertising without a clearly defined target audience?

It's the same as standing on a street corner shouting "buy from me"!

You will be reaching people who will never buy from you, who are not interested in your products or services, and investing money with a very low return.

The paid advertising stealth tax

Facebook, Twitter etc are in business to make money - period. If you spend money continually without generating any revenue for your business, they will keep charging you as long as you keep pumping the money in.

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Expert knowledge

Steve delivers great work and expert knowledge – what more can I say!

Reach less people, make more money

I know that may sound incredible, that reaching a smaller audience will make your business more profitable. However, if the audience is filled with customers who are looking for your products and services then it makes sense.

Facebook Paid Advertising - Pay Per Click Return on investment

Spend your budget wisely to generate a better ROI

Generating a great ROI from paid advertising is achieved by targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time. Clear messaging that delivers exactly what they are looking for has a 54% better chance of creating a sale.

Facebook Paid Advertising - Pay Per Click budget

By carrying out thorough research, creating ads that speak to the right audience and monitoring the return on investment (ROI), I can achieve much more from a smaller budget.



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