5 Types of Videos to Make Your Company Shine

Maybe you’ve got a cool logo or a great concept. All the elements are there, but something’s missing. Proper use of video can propel your business from a small operation to a global behemoth.

People tend to be more visual, so your use of multimedia might be just the shot in the arm that your business needs. Due to the pressures of getting a business up and running, videos are almost an afterthought for many startups, but putting together some great concepts can boost your business.

Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Allow a Peek Behind the Curtain

Videos-Allow-a-Peek-Behind-the-CurtainNaturally, you wouldn’t want to divulge any company secrets or other confidential info, but going behind the scenes is a great way to connect with potential customers. It’s simple. The human element can’t be underestimated. If you can show in a few minutes how a campaign worked (informational), how it didn’t (add in some comedy), or how it might have been better, you’ll find an easy connection with your audience.  CJ Pony Parts has some good behind the scenes videos that might very well inspire you.

2. Tell your Story

Everyone loves a good story, right? There’s something about conveying a narrative that always seems to work. Particularly if it’s a positive story. Whether you climbed your way up from the bottom or started at the top and had to find your own voice, people will listen to a good story that’s relatable. Everyone has hopes, dreams, and goals. Talk about how your business encapsulated your personal journey.

3. Educate Them

One of the more popular videos you’ll find on YouTube are instructional. These types of videos are built to last and do quite well overall. If you can provide some insight and instruction to something universal and tie it to your company’s overall message, you’re likely to see a surge in views. Sharing your knowledge in a how-to video makes perfect sense, as it can bring more people to your business.

4. Try Q & A Sessions

There’s nothing like a good Q & A session to drum up interest in what your company is doing. First, you’ll need to plan an event. Next, be sure to include an engaging Q & A session to end things. It adds value to your business by showing a potential customer or employee that your company isn’t just another start-up. Informational videos featuring an expert can be shared via social media and perhaps even at educational institutions.

5. Be Humorous

The healing power of laughter can be harnessed to make your business more relatable. Just remember that humor is subjective, so try not to be too heavy-handed with it. Perhaps you can try animating a video or hiring a comedy writer to craft a script that enhances your brand message through humor. You can’t be serious all the time, so showing an audience that you can poke fun at yourself is just one of the ways you can connect. If you make them laugh today, they might be willing to buy your product tomorrow.

What other types do you think should be here?

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Courtney Gordner
Courtney Gordner

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