Paid Advertising On Facebook To Reach The Right Customers

Paid advertising can cost you dearly...

If you are throwing your budget at paid advertising without a clearly defined target audience, it's the same as standing on a street corner shouting "buy from me". You will be reaching people who will never buy from you and investing money with a very low to zero return.

The paid advertising stealth tax...

Google, Facebook, Twitter etc are in business to make money - period. If you spend money relentlessly without generating any revenue, they will keep charging you as long as you keep pumping the money in.

Pay Per Click costs

Reach less people, make more money...

Generating a great ROI from paid advertising is achieved by targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time. Clear messaging that delivers exactly what they are looking for has a 54% better chance of creating a sale.

Pay Per Click Return on investment

I spend your budget wisely to generate a better ROI...

By carrying out thorough research, creating ads that speak to the right audience and monitoring the return on investment (ROI), I can achieve much more from a smaller budget.

Pay Per Click budget

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