Keyword Research And Search Engine Optimisation For Your Website

When you know the exact words and phrases users type into search to find your products and services. You can optimise your website, and start your content strategy to get Google to send qualified traffic and leads to your site.

Keyword Research Applications

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of researching and identifying the exact words and phrases that your customers type into Google that relate to your business product or services. If you don't know the exact words customers type in to find you, you cannot setup your website to reach them.

Using the wrong keywords?

If You're using the wrong keywords on your website is like putting the wrong address and telephone number on all your marketing material and stationery. A nicely designed website that does not have the right Keywords will always rank lower than those companies that do.

"Get your website higher in search when your customers are looking for your products and services."


Want To Know The Words And Phrases Your Customers Use?

Getting you higher In Google search.

  • A complete keyword research project that will identify what your customers are typing into Google right now.
  • Delivering over 200 keywords and phrases to use on your website and online marketing today.
  • Identify the top 25 keywords and phrases you should be using right now.
  • You will know the search volume and which keywords to use to beat the competition.
  • You will know the volume of traffic that you could get for each keyword.
  • You will get a complete report on the level of competition for each keyword.
  • You will know how much it will cost for Google advertising for each keyword.
  • Finally you will get a "how to fix it now" document.

Watch your website rise above your competitors

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