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Social media management has never been set and forget!

Social media management has evolved tremendously over recent years through the use of smart phones and tablets. The social media platforms were never designed for a "set and forget" marketing mind set. It's the same as running a social club, you can still sell but the reason they are there is social first.

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I must have thousands of followers and likes!

This is a big mistake that businesses make when they start out in social media marketing. They go out and get seduced by lots of offers of purchasing likes and followers, and buy them in their thousands for pennies. So now they have an audience of people who have no interest in their products, service or business, and zero return on investment.

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Steve Wood

Steve knows pretty much all there is to know about Social Media Marketing! The way he dealt with my social media setup was incredibly efficient. After a short info-gathering session, he immediately took action and delivered everything right first time. I would highly recommend Steve as an expert in Social Media – he really ensures he understands your industry and clients.

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Want To Start today With Clear Social Media Management?
Setting up your social media platforms

Your social media accounts are no different from your business premises and website. If the wrong images, content and calls to action are in the wrong place. Not only will users click away, they won't get your "on topic" message.

Finding, connecting, and engaging with your customers on social media.

If you haven't got an intelligent integrated approach, creating a unified brand over several channels you will never get found. If customers can't find your website, then they cannot buy from you, it's a fact.

Managing your social media accounts

Social media managemwent includes posting, connecting and monitoring your followers. Creating content that resonates with your connections, tied to calls to action guiding them to your website. We understand that you never own your social media accounts nor the content within, and as such we will always send traffic to your website.

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